Richard died on 28 September 2008, aged almost 89.

Sgt RC Banks
Sgt RC Banks

He enlisted into the General Service Corps at Manchester on 26 August 1946. He was deferred for two months to attend OCTU, joining 90 primary Training Unit on 10 October 1946. He was transferred to the RAC on 5 December 1946.

He served with the 62nd training Regiment from December 1946 until March 1948. While with them he qualified as a tech storeman. He then joined the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars, stationed at Leicester East Airfield and went into the Technical Stores under TQMS Alfie Day.

He married Mary on 3 September 1949 at Stockport. Richard was promoted to Lance Corporal on 17 October 1949 and Corporal on 16 November 1949. In the spring of 1950 he moved to Tidworth with the Regiment before embarking on the Empire Fowey at Southampton on 11 October 1950, and being greeted on arrival at Pusan (Korea) on 14 November 1950 by a black American Military Band playing Baby It’s Cold Outside – and it was.

Richard, still in tech, worked hard to ensure that the necessary spares and vehicles were made available to the squadrons.

A son, Richard, was born on 15 June 1951.

He was promoted to sergeant on 3 October 1951. He sailed on the MV Georgie for Liverpool on 15 December 1951, arriving on 15 January 1952. After leave he was on the advance party to Llineburg (BAOR), leaving on 6 March 1952. He was posted to the RAC Depot (Bovington) on 26 July 1952 before his discharge to the Reserve on 7 September 1952. He was discharged from the Reserve on 25 August 1958.

A daughter, Margaret, was born on 3 November 1955.

Richard was a most efficient, smart, loyal 8th Hussar; entirely trustworthy and always cheerful.

He held the Korea UK and the UN Korea Medals.

Before and after his Army service, Richard was a skilled engineer with Henry Simon. He retired in his early sixties from the post of health and safety officer.

Throughout his life, Richard was keenly interested in local history and politics. He was an active trade unionist driven by a keen sense of right and wrong and fair play.

He joined the Regimental Association on March 19, maintained in regular contact with the Regimental Secretary of that time, and attended Regimental reunions.

In his will, he left a generous legacy to the Regimental Association, for which we were most grateful.

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