Jock was born on 3 May 1929 in Hamilton Lanarkshire.

Sgt R Kane
Sgt R Kane

He was called up initially for National Service on 5 June 1947, discharged on the 17th and re-enlisted as a regular soldier the next day.

Having completed his basic training with 21 Primary Training Centre, and Corps Training with 62nd Regiment RAC he joined the 4th Queen’s Own Hussars who were stationed at Colchester on 24 January 1948.

Jock served with the Regiment in Malaya and Hong Kong during which time he also attended a wireless instructors course at Bovington in the rank of corporal. The Regiment returned to the UK (Tidworth) in December 1951 and Jock was discharged to the Reserve on 5 February 1953.

He rejoined the Army from the Reserve in November 1957 and was posted to the 4th Hussars in Hohne BAOR in February 1958 in the rank of LCpl and consequently re-badged to the QRIH on amalgamation with the 8th Hussars in October 1958.

After Hohne Jack then served in the UK, Aden, Sharjah, Malaya, UK, North Irish Horse, back to Germany and then the UK again.

He was discharged to the Reserve in March 1968 in the rank of Sergeant.

Obviously not yet satisfied he joined the 52nd TA Lowland Division, serving five years with them and finally finished in the rank of SSgt in 1976.

In civilian life, Jock had various employments as a night watchman and as a storeman.

He was a member of the British Legion and a keen member of a bowls club, of which I gather he was at one time the chairman. He married Alice in September 1958, who sadly died in 1995, and they had three girls, Yvonne, Joan and Diane and a son, Ian. There are five grandchildren.

Unfortunately, Jock had suffered from ill health for some time, including broken hips, and died on 26 September 2008.

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