Adam died on 18 May 2000.

Adam, who was born on 4 October 1929, enlisted into the Army and the GSC on 22 September 1947. After basic training, he was transferred to the RAC on 13 November 1947 and trained with the 57th Regiment at Catterick.

On 7 February he completed his training as a driver and was then posted to 8 RTR. He remained with this regiment until 1 August 1948 when he was posted to 4 Hussars at Colchester who were then in the final stages of preparation for departure to the jungles of Malaya and a Communist-inspired guerrilla war being waged there.

Adam sailed with his regiment from Southampton on HMT Dilwara on 20 August 1948 disembarking in Singapore on 17 September. After a couple of weeks in Nee Soon transit camp he moved up country’ with ‘C’ Squadron being initially based at Seremban.

In June 1949 The 4th Hussars were ordered to send a squadron to Hong Kong to reinforce the garrison against the potential threat of the Chinese Communist forces who were in the process of overpowering the nationalist forces in mainland China. ‘C’ Squadron was sent to the New Territories commanded by Maj Kenneth Hedley.

Adam accompanied his squadron for its tour of seven months after which it returned to Malaya. He remained there until November 1951 when the 4th Hussars sailed from Singapore on HMT Empire Windrush reaching Southampton on 13 December 1951.

On 2 April 1952, Adam was posted to the Shropshire Yeomanry (TA) affiliated with the 4th Hussars and remained there until his discharge to the Reserve in March 1953.

A Scotsman by birth Adam married Joyce Mary and they lived in northwest London.

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