George died in March 1994.

He came to the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars at Tidworth with a large party of Reservists to bring the Regiment up to strength prior to sailing for Korea in August 1950, having only been discharged in May 1946.

I first met George when he was posted to ‘B’ Squadron Fitters’ Troop. He soon became a great pillar of strength to all the young and inexperienced troopers, with his knowledge of active service in the desert during the 1939-45 war. He was very rarely heard to complain about being recalled for yet more action.

My last contact with George after he left the Regiment in 1952 until about six years ago was when I went to Yaxley – knocked on his door-and without seeing me he recognised my voice, but sadly we drifted apart again.

To his wife and family, we send our sympathy. It was a pleasure to have known you, George.

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