Hugh died on 27 May 2004, aged almost 73.

He enlisted at Glasgow on 22 July 1949. After training with the 12th Royal Lancers at Barnard Castle. He joined the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars at Leicester East Airfield.

He was initially in ‘A’ Squadron. On the reformation of ‘C’ Squadron on 20 February 1950 under Maj PH Huth, he was transferred to this squadron. He moved with that part of the Regiment stationed at Leicester East Airfield to Mootan Barracks, Tidworth, to prepare for service in Korea. Hugh was a gunner by
trade. His tank commander was a reservist, Sgt D Reekie.

On 11 October 1950, the Regiment sailed from Southampton bound for Pusan which they reached on 14 November 1950. Hugh took part in ‘C’ Squadron’s campaign against the North Koreans and Chinese, including the destruction of a Cromwell tank (presumably from Cooper Force) on the bank of the Han opposite Yongdungo, culminating in the Battle of the Imjin 23-25 April 1951. By this time there was a new operator on 3A. Hugh’s tank was disabled, he received a head wound and the commander was captured.

Hugh unfortunately quite often got himself into scrapes, as he was not the most respectable of soldiers as regards authority. He did more than most in the way of being confined to barracks and doing detention. In fact, he missed the boat at Pusan for driving away a Jeep without permission (28 days’ field punishment).

Hugh returned to the 8th Hussars in Luneburg in April 1952.

He became a Regimental cook, transferring to the ACC in February 1953.

He was discharged on 21 July 1954, having been found medically unfit for future service.

He returned to Scotland and became a tramcar conductor. In November 1965 he became a permanent patient in the Erskine Hospital, Bishopton, Scotland, where he became a great favourite with everyone.

Hugh worked in the printing section of the occupational therapy department and was one of the editorial committee of Target, the in-house magazine.

Hugh was very proud of the Hussars.

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