Mervyn who was born on 8 August 1926, died on 28 March 2001.

He enlisted into the Army on 12 February 1948 and underwent the usual basic training with 31 PTC. On completion, he was transferred to the RAC.

On 6 August 1948, he was posted to 4H at Colchester and embarked with his regiment on HMT ‘Dilwara’ on 20 August 1948 bound for Singapore.

After a couple of weeks in transit at Nee Soon, he moved with ‘C’ Squadron into the Malay Peninsular. In June, of the following year, he moved with his squadron to Hong Kong and served in the New Territories until 11 February 1950 when the squadron returned to Malaya.

He then returned to the UK with 4H on the Empire Windrush on 14 December 1951.

Evidently, he missed the excitement of the Far East because he returned there in September 1952 when he joined 12L the Regiment which had taken over from 4H in the autumn of 1951.

Mervyn finally returned to the UK in 1954 and served there until 1955 when his service with the Colours was completed.

He kept in touch with a number of his friends from 4H and especially Angus Fraser. He married sometime after his ‘demob’ and lived in West London.

His funeral took place on 10 April 2001.

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