Charles Fredrick Cappendale, known by most of us as Fred, was born on the 9th August 1930 to Sgt Charles Cappendale and Elizabeth (lily) née Taylor.

WO1 F Cappendale, BEM
WO1 F Cappendale, BEM

Fred’s father who was from Derby was also an active service man attached to the Sherwood Forrester’s and while stationed in Londonderry met and married Fred’s mother Lily. The family returned to Shoreditch to begin their new life together.

In 1948 Fred initially signed and joined the 4th Hussars first and then transferred on the amalgamation in 1958 to the Queens Royal Irish Hussars up for 12 years which he extended and went on to serve until 1971 his discharge papers very proudly state ‘Exemplary Conduct’.

During those years Fred had many achievements. As a mere young trooper of only months he received the BEM age of 18 for his bravery in an conflict situation in Malaya.

Enjoying his chosen career went on to serve in the following postings, Hong Kong, Malaya, BAOR, Aden, Singapore and Hong Kong.

During his career he married and had three of a family, and on completion of his service joined the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service for 23 years applying his skills of the highest standard as a control officer dealing with many difficult demands of many incidents rising during the N.Ireland Conflict.

On retirement Fred moved in to his daughter Shirley’s home where he resided until he passed away in January 2015.

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