‘Spider’ Brown died on 9 November 1986, aged 85.


He enlisted into the Hussars of the Line in May 1919, and before joining the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars as a saddler Corporal in January 1929 at Wiesbaden, he had previously served with the 14th Hussars, 20th Hussars, 11th Hussars and 10th Hussars.

He played Hockey and Rugger for the Regiment and was a fine swimmer and a good Tennis player. He was a master of his trade and was a tremendously popular man, liked by everybody.

He was promoted to Sergeant in 1931, SQMS in 1940 and W02 in 1942.

In 1942 he was posted to 56 Training Regiment as RQMS, and he continued serving with Training Regiments until his release in October 1945.

He won the Military Medal at Bir Hacheim on 28 May 1942 and was presented with it by His Majesty, King George VI in November 1942.

He held the posts of Master of Leswarre Lodge and of the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars’ Lodge of Irish Freemasons.

He was a staunch supporter of the OCA and was a very good man to his family and friends.

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