Geordie Wallace, who died on 30 October 2004 aged 79, joined the 3rd Hussars in Palestine in 1947, having previously served with the Parachute Regiment.

After Palestine, he found life in BAOR rather dull and as a result, was looking for something more adventurous.

He volunteered for service in Korea and was subsequently posted to 1st Royal Tank Regiment with whom he served for just over a year.

During his time in Korea he was awarded the Military Medal for gallantry.

After four years back with the 3rd in BAOR, feet were again itching and he then volunteered to serve with the Aden Protectorate Levies. During his two-year tour with the Levies amalgamation took place and his return to Regimental duty was with the Queen’s Own Hussars.

To everyone’s surprise the confirmed bachelor, as it was thought he was, married in 1962.

However the urge to try something else was still in his blood resulting in him volunteering for a tour with the Special Recce Squadron. Having successfully completed the Recce Squadron selection course he then joined the Squadron.

He returned to the Regiment in 1963 and subsequently served as SQMS, including deployment to Sharjah with ‘B’ Squadron. His last appointment in the Regiment was SSM of ‘C’ Squadron in Hong Kong.

During his career in the Regiment he qualified as a D and M instructor and gunnery instructor. He had been an outstanding tank troop sergeant with a good eye for ground, a good tactician, utterly fearless and did not suffer fools gladly.

His final job was with the Royal Hong Kong Regiment from where he took local discharge in 1974, and then emigrated to New Zealand.

Mr Wallace died in Germany when on holiday with his wife.

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