Operation Herrick is the codename under which all British operations in the War in Afghanistan were conducted from 2002 to the end of combat operations in 2014. It consisted of the British contribution to the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and support to the American-led Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF).

‘C’ Squadron Patrol in Afghanistan – The Fighting “C”

In 2011 the regiment deployed on Operation Herrick 15 as a ground holding Battle Group to Afghanistan in the infantry role: they worked with the Afghan National Police handing over control of checkpoints.

‘B’ Squadron Leader and his Jackal crew, Operation Herrick 15
Christmas dinner in Afghanistan 2011
Christmas Day in Afghanistan 2011

In June 2014, the regiment deployed C Squadron to Operation Herrick 20 in Afghanistan, as the Warthog Group. This role involved crewing Warthog armoured tracked vehicles and operating with dismounted infantry from 5 RIFLES to disrupt insurgents in Helmand during the drawdown of British troops from Camp Bastion. They were the last British combat units on the ground in Helmand.

Warthog Group, ‘D’ Squadron deployed on Op Herrick 20, Helmand Afghanistan 2014
Warthog Armoured Vehicles, Afghanistan 2014
Queen’s Royal Hussars meeting the locals on patrol in Helmand Province, Afghanistan
Warthog Of ‘C’ (DofE) Squadron, Operation Herrick 20, Afghanistan 2014