On the 26th of April, at Beaumont, General Otto, the Austrian officer in command of the allied cavalry, led his division against 20,000 unbroken French infantry, British Dragoons and Austrian Hussars cheerfully essayed what seemed a mad undertaking.

The Honour is borne on the Guidon of the 7th Hussars.


The 7th (Queen’s Own) Light Dragoons were heavily involved in this battle that took place during the siege of Landrecies, in the war against the Revolutionary Army of the French.

On 17th April 1794, the Allies advanced from Le Cateau towards the French who were in a defensive position on the wooded heights of Bohain and Nouvion which extended for 18 miles. They numbered 36,000 men, in 3 divisions, under Marshal Pichegru.

The 7th Light Dragoons supported an artillery attack on Premont and Vaux and several actions took place up to the 26th of April.

Taking advantage of the early morning mist, a French column attacked the camp in which the 7th was quartered, the latter being hastily mounted before their tents. They were then formed with the 11th Light Dragoons and the Austrian Hussars into the Left Wing and sent forward to observe the situation.

The French column at this stage began to retire due to heavy fire from our infantry in the centre, and the 7th was able to charge into their rearguard, smashing through them and then, in turn, routing their main body. They captured ten guns and the French suffered over 1200 casualties.

A fortnight later the British repeated their success in much the same manner at Willems.

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