On 23rd April 1951, 2Lt Venner was commanding the Reconnaissance Section which was attached to ‘C’ Squadron 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars.

During the operation of rescuing ‘Y’ Company, 1st Battalion, The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, from their encirclement by the Chinese 2Lt Venner went forward on foot with Sgt Rowan, 8H, over ground that was completely exposed and collected three wounded soldiers which ‘Y’ Company were unable to bring back themselves.

On 25th April when his Scout Car was disabled by enemy fire, 2Lt Venner acted as an observation post for other tanks and directed their fire. Later he acted as Commander for Capt Murray’s tank and was responsible for staying behind to evacuate Capt Holmes, RE, and his party of Sappers.

In spite of being wounded seriously in both legs he continued to fight to the very last moment until the withdrawal had been completed.

The courage shown by this officer has been beyond praise.

Lt-Col Sir WG Lowther, Bart
8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars

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