On 23rd Apr 51 Capt Murray was in command of the half ‘C’ Squadron 8H, which was ordered to extricate ‘Y’ Coy 1 NF, after they had been cut off by the Chinese.

This task was made difficult because the positions of our infantry were exposed to enemy fire.

Capt Murray’s coolness and personal leadership was greatly responsible for the success of the operation and rescue of ‘Y’ Coy.

On 25 Apr this officer was responsible for recovering one Centurion tank, which had thrown a track in full view of the enemy, and he was only beaten by time from recovering the second.

While he was out of his tank, directing not only recovery operations but also the evacuation of 1 NF wounded, he was firing his Bren gun at the approaching Chinese and this he continued to do till the last moment, in spite of being wounded in the head and shoulder.

Lt-Col Sir WG Lowther, Bart
8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars

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