This officer has held the important appointment as British Liaison Officer with the Belgian Battalion since its arrival at the front in February until it left 1 COMWEL Div in August.

Throughout this period Capt Winn has shown exceptional devotion to duty, he has been at the forefront of every action in which the Battalion has taken part, always showing, always displaying, cool, calm, courage and daring, and this example which he has set has been mainly responsible for the feeling of mutual respect which now exists between the British regiments and the Belgians.

In the battle 22-25 April Capt Winn displayed outstanding qualities of leadership. On the first day when the Belgains were cut off he gave a cool, calm, picture of the situation and kept everybody in good heart.

On 25th April he was with ‘C’ Coy who were holding a hill a mile west of 29 Indep Inf Bde Cp. On orders to withdraw in the face of a massive Chinese attack, this officer made certain that all wounded were evacuated and he himself was the last to leave the position.

By this time the enemy were swarming everywhere and Capt Winn would have been certainly cut off if one of the tanks had not spotted him and given him the necessary protection.

On reaching shelter of the tanks he met 2 i/c of the Belgains from whom the following report has been received.

Lt-Col Sir WG Lowther, Bart
8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars

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