On the 24th Jan, 1941, 2Lt John Bentley-Taylor was in command of a troop of light tanks, which was withdrawing with the rest of his squadron in front of thirteen Italian M13 tanks.

A tank of another troop was hit twice by A/Tk gun fire, setting fire to the smoke dischargers and other equipment carried on the outside of the tank, causing the tank to be evacuated.

The Italian tanks had by this time closed to within 150 yards. 2Lt Bentley-Taylor, seeing the predicament of the crew of the abandoned tank, turned his tank about, and brought them to safety from under the very noses of the enemy tanks.

This very action on the part of 2Lt Bentley-Taylor undoubtedly saved the lives of an officer and two other ranks.

JAL Caunter
Comd 4th Armd Bde

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