Following the Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars’ breakout into Iraq, Sergeant Scott’s Squadron advanced in contact throughout the afternoon of 25 February.

As night fell, the Squadron came into contact with an extensive enemy position. In pitch darkness, with driving rain and a blinding sand-storm, Sergeant Scott, with two other tanks, advanced almost blind into the enemy position. He moved 2,000 metres forward of the Squadron and, with great courage and skill, probed into the flank of the enemy.

As a result of this action he was able to provide information about the strength and disposition of the enemy force which proved vitally important to the planning of the Brigade attack which was mounted later that night. Some three hours later, under still worsening weather conditions, Sergeant Scott was again among the forward tanks attacking into the depth of the enemy defence. Quite unexpectedly, an enemy armoured counter-attack was detected.

At this stage visibility was so poor that tanks were colliding; it was impossible to locate minefields or enemy strong-points and ranging onto targets was extremely difficult. Closed down in his tank, Sergeant Scott felt his way forward in order to close with the enemy armour.

In a tense situation, with remarkable speed, he worked his way into a position between the remainder of his Squadron and the advancing enemy tanks from where he was able to direct and steady the Squadron’s fire. Sergeant Scott’s confident fire control was of inestimable value in the destruction of the enemy counter-attack.

The Squadron remained in contact with the enemy throughout the following morning. Sergeant Scott continued to play a leading role in the battle, fighting his tank efficiently and aggressively.

At one point he was engaged by an armoured car at a range of 1,500 metres; he calmly turned his tank on the enemy vehicle and destroyed it with a single shot.

Sergeant Scott is an outstanding Non Commissioned Officer of personal courage and leadership who played a most significant role in the success of the Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars’ battles.

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