Sgt Curd has been Fitter Sgt of ‘B’ Squadron, 4th Hussars, during the period 1 Sep 44 to 31 Dec 44.

In addition to being an outstandingly good fitter he has a sense of duty, keenness and enthusiasm which has been of the utmost value to his Sqn Ldr in keeping his AFVs on the road and in the recovery of those which have suffered from hostile action.

For example at CASTELLEALE on 5 Sep 44 when a Tp Ldrs tank had been damaged on a mine some distance in front of our FDL’s, Sgt Curd, with no heed to the hazardous nature of the task, went forward and spent a considerable time examining the tank and estimating the damage. He even tried to effect recovery despite moderate enemy fire.

The following day, under cover of a troop of tanks, he again went out to recover the tank. He worked on it despite heavy fire, and eventually after one of the covering tanks had been knocked out he was forced to desist.

On another occasion, (13 Sep 44 at PASSANO), when a troop of three tanks ran onto a minefield Sgt Curd came up, and though under heavy fire, by his skill and determination managed to repair and recover all three tanks.

These are typical examples of the way Sgt Curd has been working for his squadron over a very long period of the war.

AM Barne
Cmdg 4th Hussars

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