Trooper Bomber was the driver of Captain Murray’s tank during the action 23rd/25th April, 1951.

On 25th April, as the track of his tank was hit by enemy fire and the tank did not answer to the controls the order was given to abandon the tank. Trooper Bomber did not hear the order, and continued to manipulate the controls and by putting the tank in reverse he succeeded in jumping the track back on again.

Opening his driver’s hatch to see what had happened to the crew, he saw a China-man on top trying to put a grenade inside. Quickly closing his hatch he advanced at full speed, and charged a house were he had seen more enemy, in an endeavor to throw the China-man off.

Then continuing down the road at full speed, he attempted to run down other enemy who obstructed his progress until he caught up with a party of our own infantry and came out of action with them on his tank.

Trooper Bomber’s determination was undoubtedly responsible for saving the tank and his coolness and courage in the face of the enemy had been an example to everyone.

Lt-Col Sir WG Lowther Bt
8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars

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