During the action at MECHILI on the 24th January 1941, Major Jayne, who was in command of a light tank squadron was withdrawing under heavy fire, from about 10 medium tanks, when he noticed three members of a knocked out tank running from the enemy some distance behind him.

He immediately went back 200 yards to these men and in spite of concentrated fire from the medium tanks and needless of his own safety helped them on to his own tank and got them out of action.

Had it not been for the prompt action, the crew were bound to have been killed or taken prisoners.

It was also due to Major Jayne’s coolness and presence of mind that his whole squadron was able to withdraw from 15 medium tanks with only the loss of one tank.

This officer commanded his squadron with ability and success throughout the campaign and has shown shrewd judgement and coolness on every occasion.

Lt Col FW Byass
7th Hussars

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