On 23 Apr 51 Capt Ormrod was in command of ‘C’ Squadron 8H as Major Huth did not return from leave until the evening of that day.

During the 23rd Apr this officer successfully extricated ‘Y’ Coy 1NF and organised fire support to neutralise the Chinese during the withdrawal of the artillery from the valley which by then was overlooked by the enemy.

On 25 Apr he was in command of the half squadron which went up the valley to assist both 1NF and 1RUR in disengaging from the enemy.

Throughout the whole action he showed total disregard for his own safety, getting out of his tank in the midst of concentrated enemy fire to liaise with the infantry and it was his determination to get the infantry out at all costs that was a major factor in this battle.

By this decision he kept his tanks in position long after in theory they should have been withdrawn and so saved a great many lives.

His own bravery throughout this action and his sound handling of the tricky situation was beyond praise. When he himself was eventually wounded in the head by a mortar, he continued to direct operations until he was evacuated.

This officer’s continual display of courage and bravery has been throughout every action in Korea an example of great leadership and gallantry.

Lt-Col Sir WG Lowther, Bart
8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars

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