At 0615 hrs 3 Oct 51 at KOWSANG SAN, Lt. Butler was commanding the leading troop of ‘A’ Squadron 8H who were supporting the attack of 1st. Bn KSLI on Pts 208 and 210.

The leading tank was mined and the second one was immediately bogged down in the paddy which barred the approach to the climbable hills.

Lt Butler pressed on and by skillful direction over most difficult country succeeded in reaching the summit of Pt 208 supported by the surviving tank of this troop.

From here he pushed on to the second objective but his supporting tank bogged down and threw a track leaving him alone.

Some hours elapsed before any further tanks could be got up and throughout the afternoon Lt Butler, despite accurate enemy mortar and shellfire, continued to give close support to the attacking infantry.

At last light he was ordered to withdraw to a company locality where he bombed up from a bogged tank, normal replenishment being impossible due to the going.

At 2000 hrs 3 Oct 51 Lt Butler was ordered to take command of the four remaining runners on top of the hill for the assault on Pt 210 at 0600 hrs 4 Oct 51.

This he successfully accomplished, and by dogged determination and skillful direction, forced his way through apparently impossible country to the objective arriving with three tanks.

Throughout the action the attacking infantry received the closest support, the effect of which was apparent on reaching the objective.

The action of the tanks was the major factor in the success of this attack and saved the attacking infantry many casualties.

Lt. Butler’s courage, cool headed direction, and determination to accompany the infantry was an inspiration both to the infantry themselves and to the other tanks.

VW Barlow
OC 1st Bn

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