On 17 Jun 44 at CITTA DELLA PIEVE Lt Hodges was commanding one of the leading troops of ‘B’ Squadron 3rd Hussars.

During the final stages of the advance his troop was ordered to move along the road in order to support a pl of infantry into the town.

Having himself destroyed one 88mm gun, his leading tank was knocked out by a 75mm SP gun. the crew being unable to pin-point it, Lt Hodges moved forward, located the gun by drawing its fire and immediately destroyed it.

Meanwhile another gun in the town opened up on him which he also engaged, but owing to the failing light he was uncertain as to the results. He therefore dismounted from his tank, made a recce on foot and, using the knocked out tank as an OP, continued to direct the fire of his remaining tanks on to the area where he had located the gun.

Subsequent reports from the infantry confirm that it was knocked out. This action was carried out at an extremely short range and under very heavy mortar fire.

Lt Hodges by his coolness and courage overcame all opposition and enabled the infantry to get into the town without suffering casualties.

Sir Peter W Farquhar, Bt
Lt Col
Comd 3rd Hussars

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