On 18th Sept ’44 near CERASOLO, Lt Paley was in command of a troop of 2 Sherman and 2 Stuart recce tanks ordered to find and recce crossings over the R.ACISA.

His task necessitated an advance down a bare forward slope in full observation of the enemy and his troop came under heavy shell and A/T fire which disabled his own Sherman and prevented the further advance of the Stuarts.

Lt Paley immediately changed into his remaining Sherman under heavy shell fire and continued to the river bed. On arrival he dismounted and went forward alone on foot with a sub-machine gun to make a detailed recce. While doing so he was engaged by an enemy infantry post. Lt Paley attacked single handed, killing one and took 3 prisoners and forced the remainder to withdraw.

Shortly afterwards he supported an infantry Coy ordered to secure a bridgehead and when the latter was held up, he made close contact on foot with the Coy Cmdr under heavy fire and as a result brought up his tank and by direct fire knocked out an enemy post of spandau, 50mm A/T gun and half track, thus enabling the Coy to advance.

The enemy post was subsequently visited and confirmed destroyed with many enemy killed.

By his courage, determination and complete disregard of danger, Lt Paley secured valuable information and materially assisted in the gaining of an initial bridgehead over the R.ACISA.

Lt-Col RCH Kidd
4th Hussars

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