On 7th Sept ’42 near HEMEIMAT this officer was in command of a squadron ordered to make a recce in force round the enemy’s southern flank and to penetrate north in rear of enemy defences as far as possible.

Loading extra petrol on to his tanks and making a small dump in the QATTARA depression, he led half his squadron up a pass in rear of the enemy’s lines.

Although he was quickly observed and fired upon, he pressed on undeterred until his leading tanks were finally blocked by A/T gun fire in the narrow southern mouth of the pass near MAOB EL-KHADIM, a point 4 miles from the flank and 3 miles behind the enemy’s F.D.L’s.

Although he had previously been warned that the enemy had moved guns to block his retreat, he refused to contemplate withdrawal until further advance to the north became impossible.

He then collected his half squadron under heavy fire and led them back by a previously un-reconnoitered route into the QATTARA depression.

The determination with which he pressed on regardless of personal risk and the skill and resolution with which he handled his command resulted in his extracting his tanks with comparatively few hits and having a material effect on the course of the battle.

RC Kidd
Lt Col
Comd 4 Hussars

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