At MIDDLERODE on 22 Oct 44 this officer was commanding a troop of tanks which were supporting an attack on the village.

Heavy fire was brought down from an enemy position, which was in enfilade and two attempts were made to capture it with no success.

It was then decided that two troops of tanks should attack at the same time from two directions, and Lt Tisdall, see that some of the tanks had been halted by a dyke, and despite the fact that an A/Tk gun was firing from the enemy position, drove his troop forward at full speed and overran the enemy. Heavy fire was brought down on him, but he remained firing his guns at the enemy until the infantry arrived to mop up.

The offensive spirit and courage shown by this officer materially assisted the infantry in the capture of the village, and the example he set was a great encouragement to all who were near him.

Comd 8 KRIH

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