Throughout the operations in Burma this soldier has shown on several occasions, quite outstanding courage, coolness and devotion to duty with a complete disregard for his own safety.

At PAUNGDE on 29 Mar 42 when the leading tank of his troop was hit and stopped, Tpr Hemstock, under heavy MG and mortar fire, dismounted from his tank and secured a tow rope to the damaged tank, thus enabling it to be towed to safety and subsequently recovered.

At SHWEDAUNG on 30 Mar 42 Tpr Hemstock saw from his tank a wounded infantry soldier lying in a clearing of the road. The wounded mans comrades told Tpr Hemstock that, owing to the heavy MG and mortar fire, they were unable to effect a rescue. In spite of this Tpr Hemstock dismounted from his tank, ran 200 yds under heavy fire to the wounded man and carried him back, thus undoubtedly saving the man’s life.

At MEIKTILA on 26 Apr 42 Tpr Hemstock’s tank came cut off from the remainder of the troop and put out of action by gun fire. The troop leader was severely wounded. Tpr Hemstock took charge, and showing great coolness and presence of mind, destroyed the tank, and under cover of darkness, helped to carry the wounded officer to safety. This entailed a march of some 2 1/2 miles in the dark across unknown country and through several enemy pickets.

I cannot write too highly of the quite outstanding courage, resourcefulness and extreme devotion to duty shown by this soldier throughout the operations.

He has done a great deal more than his normal duty and his conduct has been a magificent example to all his comrades.

FRC Fosdick
7th Hussars

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