Sgt Gallop has performed the duties of Tp Sgt in the last remaining armoured squadron of 4H.

On 11 Apr whilst his troop was engaged in clearing the enemy from the S.LORENZO area for right flank protection to the R.SANTERNO bridgehead, Sgt Gallop was ordered to attack through very close country which was know to contain a large number of enemy supported by S.P. guns.

He advanced with such speed and determination that the enemy was caught unawares, many prisoners being taken and one S.P gun destroyed.

At the end of this action his tank was destroyed by an S.P gun, the driver and lap gunner being killed.

Shortly after he obtained a fresh tank, and such was the spirit that the remaining members of his crew were only too keen to accompany him again. This tank also received a direct hit while he was in action killing his gunner and wounding Sgt Gallop as well as other members of his crew.

As he had reached an advanced position he was able to see more than his troop leader; despite severe wounds he went on foot under considerable fire to direct the fire of his troop leader’s tank on the S.P gun that was holding them up. He then returned to assist with his own wounded.

Sgt Gallop has at all times shown complete personal disregard in the face of the enemy, and his dauntless spirit, efficiency and cheerful nature has always been an inspiration to the men of his squadron.

AM Barne
Cmdg 4H

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