Major Butler has commanded B Squadron, 8th Hussars since last February and in every action in which his Squadron has taken part he has proved himself a brilliant commander.

In the last battle, 3-7 Oct, B Squadron were in support of 3RAR in their attack on Pt.317. Owing to the impassable nature of the ground tanks could not move with the infantry and it was necessary for tanks to take up fire positions on the flanks and to the rear of the start line. To ensure the best possible fire control Major Butler accompanied Lt Col Hassett on his feet and directed the Squadron shoots himself with a 31 wireless set working back to the SHQ tanks on Pt.238.

I have no doubt at all that the accurate shooting of the 20 pounder played a very big part in the success of this operation, for which Major Butler was chiefly responsible.

I consider that the devotion to duty, courage and calmness shown by this officer in battle has been an outstanding example to this Regiment and has also produced a feeling of mutual respect and friendship between 3 RAR and ourselves which will endure for years to come.

Lt Col, Commanding 8th K.R.I. Hussars

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