Educated at Charterhouse, he worked in the city for several years, before joining the Army on 3 September 1939.

Capt AJ Hind
Capt AJ Hind

He was commissioned out of Sandhurst and in 1941 he joined the 13/18 Hussars in Towcester. His father, Maj John Frederick Hind, having been a member of that Regiment.

In May 1942 he was sent out to the Middle East where he joined HQ 8 Armoured Division, a part of the 8th Army. He was posted to the 8th Hussars in 1943, serving in Cyprus and later Benghazi.

The Regiment returned to the United Kingdom in December 1943, reforming in January 1944, as the reconnaissance regiment of the 7th Armoured Division.

Tony served, with distinction, as the senior Troop leader of ‘A’ Squadron during the battles through France, Holland and Germany, during which time he was Mentioned in Dispatches.

He was an active and popular member of the Squadron and became an excellent Squadron 2IC. After the war, he was seconded from the Regiment and appointed to carry out general staff duties with BAOR. He retired in 1949.

After leaving the Army he moved to Norwich.

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