Captain Donald Lewis Astley Cooper was born on 26 December 1920.

He was the son of Colonel Clifton Graham Astley Cooper and Ida Margaret Mary Forbes.

Donald joined the Regiment in Cairo in 1940 and he quickly settled down to be a popular member of the 8th Hussars. In 1941 when he was Signal Officer he was captured at SIDI REZEGH. Those who have known him for his three years as a POW will never forget his cheerfulness and the many interests he had.

At the end of the War, he quickly rejoined the regiment. Donand was an excellent cross-country runner and the success of our pack of Beagles was due mainly to his powers of endurance, as he was invariably sent out to chase the more unlucky members of our pack to bring them back into the hunt.

In 1948 he went as Adjutant to the Yorkshire Hussars where his popularity with everybody was a big factor in helping to restart this fine Yeomanry Regiment.

In Korea, he commanded the 8th Hussars Reconnaissance Troop. During December 50 and January 51, he commanded Cooper Force, consisting of 8th Hussar and Royal Artillery Cromwell Tanks and Carriers of the Ulster Rifles.

He died on 4th January 1951 at age 30 in Korea, killed in action.

The Regiment has suffered a bitter blow by the death of this Officer, who was most efficient in his work and play, who had a most delightful character, and who had everything that goes to make an 8th Hussar.

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