Tom died on 9th April 2011, aged 80 years.

Cpl TB Beighton
Cpl TB Beighton

He enlisted at Leicester on 11th September 1948 for 5 years with the Colours and 7 years on the Reserve. His civilian occupation was a carpenter.

He did his initial training with the 14/20th King’s Hussars. He joined The 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars at Leicester in early 1949, joining ‘C’ Squadron in April 1950. In April 1950 he moved with the Regiment to Tidworth where training for Korea took place.

He was appointed LCpl on 4th July 1950. He sailed with the Regiment to Korea on 11th October 1950 from Southampton, arriving at Pusan on 13th November 1950. He took part in ‘C’ Squadron’s operations, including The Battle of the Imjin. He was promoted to Cpl on 11th January 1952.

He returned to the UK with the Regiment on 15th December 1951 via Liverpool, arriving on 11th January 1952.

After leave on 21st March 1952, he moved with the Regiment to Lüneburg, North Germany; an excellent station where the Regiment stayed for 6 happy years until amalgamation with The 4th Queen’s Own Hussars at Hohne on 24th October 1958.

He married Mavis in Leicester on 20th December 1952.

He left Lüneburg on 2nd August 1953 for the UK prior to his release on 12th September 1953. For the last 2 years of his Reserve Service, he was a Queen’s Royal Irish Hussar.

He joined the Regimental Association in August 1953.

He was a loyal and supportive member of Leicester Troop.

In his civilian life, he returned to being a carpenter and joiner.

For his last 20 years, he worked at Leicester City General Hospital.

He built their retirement bungalow at Hogsthorpe near Skegness, in which he and Mavis had 15 happy years in retirement.

Mavis and Tom had two children, Anita born in 1954 and Angela in July 1956.

He was a great horseman who loved his chargers, especially his last horse Charlie. He then changed to a pony and trap.

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