Maj. J. G. P. Audain died suddenly on November 1st, 1970. Jimmy joined the 7th Hussars in Edinburgh in 1923 and very soon established himself as a character. He had been educated at Wellington College where he had distinguished himself as a good long-distance runner.

In the Regiment, he addressed himself with enthusiasm for hunting, point-to-point riding and any other sport which appealed to him. He boxed for the Regiment and was a most courageous and formidable opponent in the ring.

One summer when the 7th Hussars was stationed at Colchester, the whole regiment rode over to St. Osyth where they camped by the sea. One afternoon when the horses were taken into the sea, the very ugly yellow drum horse which had never before revealed any talent, set off at a brisk pace for France. The Commanding Officer’ becoming alarmed at the probable loss of the drum horse and the subsequent official enquiries, detailed Jimmy, a known strong swimmer, to fetch the miscreant back. Without a moment’s hesitation and accompanied by his ever faithful jean (a Labrador), Jimmy gave chase and after an exciting contest watched by the whole Regiment caught the drum hone and brought it safely back to land.

After the Second World War, he settled in British Columbia where he formed a small stud based upon his horse “Supreme Verdict” which had run well in the Derby. Latterly he gave much of his time to the Society of Alcoholics Anonymous in helping others to combat alcoholism, a malady from which he had once suffered. With great determination and the help of this Society, he had completely cured himself. He gave unstinted sympathy and assistance to those in any sort of trouble.

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