Mr William Egbert Seed died while staying with his daughter at Boxhill Nurseries, Surrey, on December 28th, 1965, aged 83.

RQMS WE Seed, 3rd Hussars
RQMS WE Seed, 3rd Hussars

Born in Wakefield, Yorkshire, in 1882, he enlisted into the 3rd Hussars in 1900.

He served in India for 5 years becoming the “Acting Schoolmaster”, teaching about 100 men of the Regiment and the children of the NCOs and Officers.

After 4 years in South Africa, he served throughout the First World War as S.Q.M.S. to ‘A’ Squadron. He retired from the Army in 1921 as RQMS.

From 1921-1926 he was a coal merchant in Ashford, Kent, and from 1926-1950 was, with his wife, Master and Matron of a hostel for the blind in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. On the death of his wife in 1963 he entered the Royal Hospital, Chelsea.

Mr. Seed was a staunch and loyal supporter of the Regiment and the O.C.A. He always made the trips to Gennany with the O.C.A. and only a few weeks before his death he was on parade with them in Binningham.

A charming man, he could remember events of long ago with a clarity of mind which put many a younger man to shame.

He will be sadly missed by all those privileged to know him and our sympathy goes out to his son and daughter.

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