Charles Grey joined the army during the reign of King George II and was promoted on 31 May 1755 to Captain of a company in the 20th Foot.

He proceeded with his regiment to Germany and was appointed aide-de-camp in 1758 to Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick.

He continued to serve Prince Ferdinand up to the battle of Minden in 1759, where he was wounded.

In 1772 he was promoted to the rank of Colonel and was appointed aide-de-camp to King George III. Five years later he was appointed Major General serving in two campaigns in North America.

For his energy and personal bravery, he was rewarded in 1782 when he became a Knight of the Bath.

Sir Charles was subsequently promoted to Lieutenant General and appointed Commander-in-Chief in America.

In 1787 he became Colonel of the 8th Dragoons and of particular interest in 1799, he was also appointed Colonel of the 3rd Dragoons.

He died in 1807 in Fallowden, Northumberland.

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