This was a hard-fought Action in which the 5th Canadian Armoured Division, 11th and 12th Canadian Brigades, with three British units attached, cleared the enemy between Valli di Comacchio and Conventello.

The Honour was awarded to the 4th Hussars.

Senio Pocket

This was a strongly held area east of the River Senio, and north of Faenza. It was necessary to capture it preparatory to attacking the Senio Line. The operation was successfully carried out by 167th Brigade and 7th Armoured Brigade in the Action.

The Honour was emblazoned by the 4th Hussars.


The 4th Hussars were now equipped with the new “Kangaroo” infantry carriers which allowed the Regiment able to transport a Brigade at a time, though keeping one Squadron of tanks.

From the 2nd of January ‘A’ and ‘B’ Squadrons fiercely resisted strong German attacks on the Allied line between Conventello and Lake Comacchio, successfully holding the line.

The 4th of January saw the first proper use of the Kangaroos by ‘C’ Squadron in the deliberate assault on the “Senio Pocket”, a bulge in the Allied line strongly held by the Germans.

The infantry was carried onto their objectives so rapidly that the enemy was totally overrun before they could recover from their shock, being forced to blow the bridge over the Sento before many of their troops escaped.

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