Throughout the recent fighting during June and July 1944 this officer has displayed great bearing and disregard of his personal safety. Further more his conduct has at all times been an inspiration to all ranks.

At OSIMO on July 5th he was commanding a troop and by his skill and leadership succeeded in extricating his troop from a very dangerous position and destroying a 75mm anti-tank gun.

At TORTO on July 17th when the regiment was under command 2nd Polish Armoured Brigade, Captain Palmer was in command of two troops. Getting very quickly on to his objective, he remained there for the rest of the day in spite of very heavy mortar fire, giving support to another squadron which was working forward and by his quickness and alertness he dealt with snipers and spandaus which were causing our infantry casualties.

At La CROUCHE on Aug 9th when the regiment was under command of the 5th Polish Division, Captain Palmer was again in command of two troops and gave very valuable support to the infantry in very close and hilly country in which there were snipers, bazookas and anti-tank guns.

The above mentioned cases are characteristic of Captain Palmer’s devotion to duty throughout the war, notably in the Western Desert and Burma

RFG Jayne, DSO
Cmdg 7th Hussars

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