On the 1st December, 1941 the 8th Hussars were leading the advance of the Brigade to relieve the New Zealand Division.

As soon as the 8th Hussars arrived in the New Zealand leaguer area, Major Sandbach the Squadron Leader was knocked out.

Capt Threlfall who was Second in Command ordered the squadron to move east of the artillery, tank and A/Tk fire, one of the men being wounded. He took this man to a New Zealand lorry, and then went over to the CO of the 3RTR and reported the situation to the Brigade Commander.

He rallied the squadron and lead them back to Brigade. All the time which he was under very heavy artillery and tank fire he acted with extreme coolness.

Previous to this operation this officer has shown a very high standard of leadership and coolness under fire. He had two tanks put out under him by enemy action.

During the previous operations against the Italians in the Western Desert, this officer was 2nd i/c of a squadron where he also showed his very high standard of leadership under fire, particularly at the battle of BUQ BUQ.

Lt Col
8th Hussars

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