This NCO has been a tank commander in all the actions in which the regiment has been engaged in this country.

In all these actions he has consistently shown great bravery and coolness in spite of the loss of an eye early in the campaign.

On the 27th April this NCO commanded a tank which was in the first troop to swim the PO and arrival on the far bank this troop supported a company of infantry attacked the village of ROVERDICRE.

When the infantry were held up, this NCO without hesitation took his tank straight into the village where an A/Tk gun was believed to be in position. The crew of the A/Tk gun surrendered and he silenced two spandaus, thus enabling the infantry to take the village without casualties.

This is characteristic of the NCO’s coolness and leadership throughout this war.

J Congreve, DSO
Comd 7th Hussars

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