Sgt Harris served as a tank commander throughout the campaign in NW Europe from the NORMANDY beach-head until the end of hostilities in Europe.

He has at all times conducted himself with the utmost gallantry and coolness in action and has been an inspiration to his troop.

When he landed in NORMANDY on D plus 3 he was a Tp Cpl and, by the end of the campaign, he was acting as a troop leader whose duties he fulfilled with his customary skill and daring.

In Jun 1944, in NORMANDY, when his own tank was knocked-out he evacuated his crew to a place of safety and eventually succeeded in bringing them back to squadron HQ.

He made two further trips back to his blazing tank to make sure that there was no-one left in the neighbourhood and that all the codes and maps had been destroyed.

Throughout this time his tank was still covered by two German MkIV tanks and he, himself, was under enemy fire.

In April 1945 on the road between SULINGEN and BREMEN, Sgt Harris’s tank was hit by an A/tk shell which, beside injuring the gunner, jammed the turret ring.

Despite the fact that he could not traverse the turret, Sgt Harris manoeuvred his tank into a position which enabled him to knock-out two A/Tk guns and capture a further fifteen 20 mm guns together with their crews.

Throughout the campaign the NCO has displayed leadership and courage of the highest order. His example has been invaluable.

GRD Fitzpatrick, DSO, MBE, MC.
8th Hussars

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