Sgt Williams has commanded a Sherman tank throughout the advance of the 7th (QO) Hussars up the Adriatic coast from June until September 1944. For the whole of this period he has maintained a very high standard of boldness and efficiency.

On July 5th during the attack on OSIMO, when his tank was leading, this NCO knocked out two 50 mm anti-tank guns by quick action before they had fired a shot. Later on the same day he located, by a cool and daring foot reconnaissance undertaken on his own initiative, a 75 mm anti-tank gun which had previously destroyed a Stuart.

On several occasions he has dismounted from his tank in close country to round up groups of prisoners who would have otherwise got away, thus demonstrating a disregard for his personal safety which has characterised all his actions.

RFG Jayne, DSO
7th Hussars

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