This officer commanded a troop during the advance from PO to VENICE.

During this time Captain BARTON led his troop in three actions with great skill inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy – his own troop suffering no casualties.

He distinguished himself particularly at MARDIMAGO on 26 April commanding troops in support of 2/5 Queen’s who were attacking a well-organised and stout-hearten enemy. He spotted, engaged and knocked out an enemy 75mm A/tk gun which was impeding their advance.

He also destroyed many enemy motor transport. His handling of these two troops of tanks finally dislodged the enemy and enabled the advance to continue.

On several occasions during this advance, Captain BARTON has shown great coolness under fire. His cheerfulness, efficiency, constant ability to improvise and his willing cooperation with other arms have been an example to all.

J Congreve DSO
Lt Col
Comd. 7th (QO) Hussars

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