Since 16th June 44 the 7th Queen’s Own Hussars have been under my command, fighting side by side with my Brigade.

4th July, the 7th Hussars attacked from CASTELFIDARDO the high ground of BADIA. Next day they captured M.RAGNO and p.217 dominating feature north-east of OSIMO. In this attack in which the enemy opposition was particularly stubborn, they destroyed several A/T guns sustaining, owing to the good tactical handling of the regiment and the ability of the tank commanders, very few losses.

17th July 44 during the offensive from the river MUSONE the 7th Hussars attacked as left hand regiment of my Brigade. Together with my 6th Regiment they captured M.TORTO and high ground S.VINCENZO dominating the large valley of POLVERIGI. From S.VINCENZO they turned their attack to M.BOGO, a vital feature for our offensive as not only did it dominate the ground we were attacking ourselves, but also the whole of the objective which the Italian Corps was to secure.

The attack was pursed with great determination and in a very short time this ground was in our hands. Throughout the fighting, until the capture of BOGO, the regiment was continuously under enemy observation and exposed to very accurate fire.

During these operations the 7th Hussars were brilliantly handled by Lt Col RFG Jayne who showed great leadership. His sound tactical knowledge and his accurate conception and appreciation of each situation was entirely responsible for the successes the regiment gained.

During the operation Lt Col Jayne showed the utmost coolness and determination. He himself was continuously subjected to enemy fire of all kinds. On Mt.ORTO when his own tank was destroyed he maintained his command from another.

Major General B. RAKOWSKI

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