It is with regret that the Regimental Association announces the deaths of our members and friends.

Our condolences go to the families and friends of:

NameRegimentDatesDate of Death
Mr T White7H1954-552 Jan
Mr D Badman8H1953-562 Jan
Mr D DunseithQRIH1959-8110 Jan
Mr S Norsden4H1934-3626 Feb
Sgt K Proud8H1945-471 Mar
Mr W WrightQRIH1970-777 Apr
Mr M Gillett4H1968-5317 Apr
Mr I StirlingQRIH1968-9018 Apr
Mr R Newbie4H/QRIH1956-7319 Apr
Mr P TurnerQRH2009-1323 Apr
Mr J Hill7H/QOH1953-758 May
Mr G Whitcombe8H1947-498 May
Ct H Rogers4H1956-5714 May
Mr J SpringerQOH1966-7312 Jun
Mr B GovanQRIH1963-7513 Jun
Lt Col G Ottey, MBE8H/QRIH1946-6913 Jun
Mr J RichardsQOH1959-8114 Jun
Mr P Vine8H1950-5724 Jun
Mr R Brimmicombe-Wood4H1944-539 Aug
Mr S Bateson8H1948-5827 Aug
Mr G Hockley8H1956-5927 Sep
Mr R HolujQRIH1972-9211 Oct
Mr H Holdcroft3H1947-5330 Oct
Lt Col A Thompson4H1942-4630 Oct
Capt A Weatherall7H1943-562 Nov
Mr D MangerQOH1966-8530 Nov
Mr R Gosney4H1954-69Dec
Lt Col D Boyall3H1948-51Dec
Mr R CourtneyQRIH1979-8612 Dec