On 17th June 1944 at Briquessard, Major Huth’s Sqn was in support of 1/6 Bn The Queens. On this day and during the two previous days the village was attacked, constantly, both by day and night by infantry supported by some tanks.

Throughout the period Major Huth spared neither himself nor his troop to assist and co-operate with the infantry. Whether or not the task was a suitable, or fair one for tanks he did not hesitate to order his troops to counter attack and clear the orchards and small fields of enemy who had penetrated or infiltrated between posts in this close country.

By his coolness and skill in handling his troops he restored the situation on several occasions.

On 17th June on 2 separate occasions his own Sqn HQ was attacked by the enemy. Handing over control to his Sqn 2ic with total disregard for his personal safety he organised the defence of the orchard in which his HQ was situated, personally siting, not only his Sqn HQ tanks, but dismounted personnel from these tanks, and from his A.l Echelon. Armed with Sten guns, Huth and these men fought on their feet and beat back two determined attacks.

Continuously, throughout the period of 3 days and 2 nights Huth, by his intense efforts, his gallantry and his coolness was not only an inspiration to his troops but a big factor in the magnificent and successful defence of this village by 1/6 Queens and their supporting arms.

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