Lt Saxby was posted to this regiment in Aug 1944 after his previous regiment had been disbanded. He had earned a high reputation as a brave and efficient Tp Ldr.

Since that time, and throughout the campaign, he has led a troop in this regiment with extreme courage and ability. He has never missed an opportunity of exploiting any advantage which was put before him; he has always displayed the utmost initiative and an intense desire to destroy the enemy.

His personal conduct in battle has been exemplary, and he has displayed leadership of an high order to such extent that his troop has been invariably prepared to follow him anywhere.

His courage has been supplemented by considerable tactical ability. In Jan 45 at SCHILBURG his conduct was conspicuous. In Apr 45 at SUDWEYHE, near BREMEN, his troop was attacked at point blank range by SS troops in the village. One tank was knocked out, but, with considerable skill, he fought with the remainder of his troop until such time as infantry were deployed in his assistance.

He continued supporting the infantry in a most successful operation. At TOSTEDT, south of HAMBURG, he commanded the leading troop with conspicuous success and efficiency.

I have no doubt that this officer has consistently displayed the utmost courage and efficiency throughout the campaign in North-West EUROPE.

Lt Col GRD Fitzpatrick, DSO, MBE, MC
8th Hussars

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