On 13 Sep 44 Sgt Carpenter was a tank commander in a troop which was engaged in heavy fighting while endeavoring in cooperation with Infantry to clear enemy out of the area between CASA MENGHINA and PALAZZO.

The tanks had come under heavy anti-tank fire and had been ordered to withdraw, when Sgt Carpenter saw his troop leader crawling away from his tank which had been knocked out. regardless of heavy Spandau and rifle fire he dismounted from his tank and went on foot to the assistance of his officer who was severely wounded.

Having pulled him into a ditch, he continued on foot to get a stretcher and assistance. Then, having removed his officer to a house, he again went on foot, his tank having now been knocked out, and fetched an ambulance vehicle.

Sgt Carpenter’s coolness and complete disregard for his personal safety was an inspiration to all.

Sgt Carpenter has served in the Western Desert and in the Burma campaign and his leadership and coolness under fire have been an example to all during four years of war.

J Congreve, DSO
7th Hussars

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