Sgt Carsley landed in NORMANDY on D+3 as a Tp Sgt. He served in this capacity during all the early battles with great distinction.

He showed outstanding courage and tenacity as a tank commander fighting his way forward with great spirit however determined the opposition.

During the battle before the breakout from the beach-head, he lost his Tp Ldr during the fighting in the village of BORGEBUS, and led the troop himself for a period showing fine qualities of leadership.

Again, during the early days of the pursuit, while dealing with a particularly stubborn rear-guard, he was struck a glancing blow on the head by a bullet. despite his wound he continued n action until the opposition had been overcome.

On 29 Mar 45 while leading his troop into the village of GROSS BURLO, just after the crossing of the RHINE, his tank was hit at a range of 400 yards by an SP gun, putting his own gun out of action. Immediately he dismounted, and would of taken over his Cpl’s vehicle had he not been ordered to remain with his damaged vehicle.

Again on 19 Apr 45 his troop was leading up the main BREMEN – HAMBURG autobahn. When his squadron assaulted the village of RADE he was well to the fore, leading and encouraging the rest of the troop. The next day in the village of ELSTORF, his troop leader was killed and he led his troop for the rest of the campaign, doing excellent work on mounted and dismounted patrols.

Over a long period Sgt Carseley has rendered excellent service in his squadron. He has been an outstanding Tp Sgt, thoroughly reliable, courageous and aggressive. On two occasions he has led his troop under most trying and difficult circumstances.

GRD Fitzpatrick, DSO, MBE, MC.
8th Hussars

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