On 20 April 1945 Lt Gould’s troop, supported by one pl of ‘A’ Coy 1 RB, was ordered to carry out an attack on DAERSTORF (6 miles SW of HARBURG) from the east flank.

Previous recce had revealed that the village was strongly held by enemy infantry and A/Tk guns. One of the squadron’s tanks had already been knocked out.

Lt Gould’s attack was made through the cover of a smoke screen. On nearing the outskirts of the village Lt Gould was wounded in the head by small arms fire, undaunted, he continued to lead his troop into the village, over-running a 75mm A/Tk gun on the eastern outskirts and killing the crew.

He continued to support the pl of 1 RB in the face of heavy opposition and did not allow his wound to be attended to until his tanks were well east of the village.

His assault opened the way for the remainder of the squadron and Mot coy to clear the village which was found to be held by about 200 infantry equipped with MGs and panzerfausts and also 3 A/Tk guns.

Lt Gould displayed great dash and leadership during this assault.

GRD Fitzpatrick
Comd 8H

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