At DORNHOEK on 22 Oct 44, Lt Bellamy was in command of a troop which was supporting the infantry in an attack on the village.

As a preliminary, the troop was ordered to form a screen in front of the infantry FUP.

From the start, Lt Bellamy met opposition and had to fight to get forward. Having reached the required position, he maintained himself there for three hours until the arrival of the infantry drawing upon himself heavy small arms, mortar and artillery fire.

The country was very close, and to avoid being stalked and knocked out by enemy Bazookas, Lt Bellamy maneuvered his troop with considerable skill, most of the time standing up in the turret to direct the movements of the other tanks.

On three separate occasions he went forward beyond his position and overran infantry posts where he had located Spandaus. Throughout the three hours, he was subjected continuously to enemy sniping from close quarters, in addition to the mortaring and shelling.

On one occasion, when his own tank became temporarily ditched, he transferred into another tank. Lt Bellamy’s skill, courage and offensive spirit enabled him to maintain his position and provide the screen which was necessary for the infantry.

C.Goulburn MC
Lt Col
Comd 8th Hussars

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