At MIDDELRODE, HOLLAND, on 22 Oct 44, Sgt Winch was in command of a tank supporting 1/7 Queen’s in an attack on a wood near the village.

During the initial stages of this attack his troop commander was shot in the head, causing considerable confusion among the remainder of the troop, and Sgt Winch seeing that strenuous tank support was at once needed by the infantry, drove his tank straight towards the enemy positions.

On arrival at these positions, with great courage and lack of personal fear, stood up in the turret and threw several grenades into the enemy trenches, completely disregarding the fire that was brought to bear on him from all sides.

He successfully silenced the enemy fire, and then turned his attention to the flak positions, directing the fire of his M.G. from his exposed place in the turret.

Sgt Winch was hit in the face by an enemy stick grenade, but, although in considerable pain he continued to command his tank, and direct its fire.

As a result of this NCO’s great courage and leadership the infantry was assisted in no small way in reaching its objective.

Cmdg 8th Hussars

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